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Nasyam is very effective Ayurveda remedy and it ensures relaxation for head related problems especially for many type of headaches. The illness in the head region would get much relax after Nasyam. Nostrils are the entry point of Nasyam treatment and it’s the door way to brain where Nasyam treatment applies. Nasyam is a very important treatment especially for the illness in the head region. Through the nostrils the medicated oil and powder are applies and this process is called Nasyam. Nasyam is a toxin removing process and it’s very helpful to get relax for head related problems. Nasyam gives immune power in the head region. The mucous membrane of nasal cavity gets stimulation through Nasyam. It guarantees fruitful relax to all aspirants. The illness in the head region is prominent part of Nasyam treatment. The importance of Nasyam is much relevant in this modern era, because everywhere we’ll find the diseases with problems in head. The patient gets relaxation after Nasyam especially with toxin removing from head, neck, brain, ear and throat. Nasyam is a very special treatment especially designed for head related illness. 


Diseases Treated Under Nasya Therapy

v  Aphonia

v  Bronchitis

v  Cataract

v  Catarrh

v  Chronic coryza

v  Coryza

v  Diseases of mouth, nose, ear, eye and head

v  Diseases of the eyelid

v  Dryness Of The Nose

v  Facial Paralysis

v  Frozen Shoulder

v  Hemi Crania

v  Hoarseness of voice

v  Hysteria

v  Migraine

v  Multiple Sclerosis

v  Parkinsonism

v  Seminal disorders

v  Shoulder pain

v  Sinus Congestion

v  Sinusitis

v  Stammering

v  Stiffness in the head, neck, teeth and jaw

v  Tetanus

v  Tonsilitis

v  Toothache and other tooth disorders


  •   Hoarseness of voice and stuttering or slurred speech
  •   Stiffness in the head, neck, throat, teeth and jaw area (TMJ)
  •   Headaches and migraines
  •   Earaches and any pain in nose and throat
  •   Known to improve conditions such as Rhinitis (runny nose),
  •   Relieve mental and emotional stress, anxiety, fear and negativity
  •   Positively impact higher cerebral and sensory organs (eyes, nose, ears, skin and tongue)
  •   Neuro muscular conditions 
  • prevents facial paralysis, goiter, tonsillitis, convulsions, and motor disorders.
  • prevents loose teeth, gingivitis, and diseases of the oral cavity.  
  •   Nasya also nourishes the body by
  •   Strengthening the hair as well as prevent white/grey hair
  •   Firming veins, joints, tendons, and ligaments of the neck


  •   Reduces the chances of eye disorders due to old age

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