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The most common Ayurvedic treatment used in for losing weight is the treatment of Udvarthana, where we use herbal powders (in form of oil or dry powders) which are dry & rough in nature and hot in potency. The oil taken for Udvarthana, is sesame based which is hot in potency and is infused with herbs which creates lightness, dryness, roughness, remove the blockages and stiffness, and also haven a ‘cutting or liquefying action’ on the fast tissues.  This oil also takes care that the skin does not become dry superficially and remains soft and supple after the treatment. This herbal paste when rubbed on the body in a specific manner creates friction, which open the pores, remove blockages in vessels, increase the heat in the tissues and percolates inside to stimulate fat metabolism.

Once the paste is rubbed on the body and the massage is over, the guest is asked to sit in a herbal steam chamber where the head of the person remains outside the steam chamber, so that they can stay in for long time. Over here a lot of excess water is lost from the body. In addition, as the pores open the herbal oil mixed with the paste percolates deeper in to skin inducing its fat liquefying properties, doing its works as mentioned above.

  •   Reduced cellulite/subcutaneous fat tissues
  •   Beautiful skin complexion
  •   Cleanses and revitalizes the skin and remove body odour
  •   Better skin tone, even if you are losing weight with exercise, other forms of diet etc.
  •   The better benefits of Udvarthana, even when take as a one off treatment is that, it is one the very few treatments that de-stressed you, but at the same time also have an invigorating effect.
  •   When taken as a part of treatment program including a strict Ayurvedic diet plan, regular exercise or yoga and appropriate internal Ayurvedic herbal medication as prescribed by the Ayurvedic physician, it helps to reduce weight and gives a well toned body.

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