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Shiro lepa is a part of ayurvedic panchkarma and rejuvenation therapy. Shiro means head and lepa means paste application, so the procedure in which a paste of various medicinal powders and herbs is applied on the scalp is called shiro lepa. This is the most soothing and cooling therapy for brain as well as body.

  •   Promotes stronger and healthier hair growth
  •   Reduces tension
  •   Nourishes the scalp
  •   Rejuvenates the body
  •   Stabilizes the nervous system
  •   Activates the marma point of scalp and the head
  •   Relaxes the mind, body and soul
  •   Cools the eyes and improves vision
  •   Improve the memory and concentration of a person
  •   Alleviates pains especially in the lower spine area
  •   Relaxes, rejuvenates and nourishes the head and neck region.

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